Final-year project

Final-year project

The North-South Partnership is connected with the Global Learning final-year project of the primary school course at PHTG. This way, it is embedded in the study plan and closely linked with the course.

By enabling students and lecturers of both universities to meet and by organising work experiences and internships at schools, the partnership offers participants from both sides the opportunity to convey aspects of their culture and learn about and negotiate their way in the other culture.

Within the context of the Global Learning final-year project, a group of PHTG students and lecturers travels to Bolivia each year. In turn, a group of Bolivian students is invited to Kreuzlingen every year, which is possible due to the financial support of the Jubilee Foundation of Thurgauer Kantonalbank.


Co-lead "Nord-Süd Projekt"
Christina Colberg
Gerit Jaritz