EDK compensatory measures

Compensatory measures for teachers with a German teacher's diploma or another EU teacher's degree

PHTG concluded an agreement on compensatory measures for foreign teachers with the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK).
Teachers who obtained their teaching diplomas for pre-school and primary levels at an institute abroad can apply for Swiss recognition of their degree by means of compensatory measures offered by PHTG. Such application must be submitted to the EDK.

Two options

In principle, there is a choice of two compensatory measures:

  • Period of adaptation (PoA) (attending two training modules at PHTG and subsequently obtaining the ECTS credits required by the EDK)
  • Aptitude test (this includes a work placement for three weeks and a subsequent exam)


  1. Candidates submit an application for recognition of foreign teacher's diploma with the EDK: Brigitte Eicher, EDK, Haus der Kantone, Speichergasse 6, PO Box 660, 3000 Berne 7, phone: +41 (0)31 309 51 31; www.edk.ch

  2. Candidates contact a teacher-training institute of their choice and discuss concrete compensatory measures in a personal meeting

  3. Candidates conclude an education agreement

  4. Compensatory measures are carried out and confirmed by PHTG

  5. Foreign teacher's diploma is recognised by the EDK


The cost of such recognition procedures depends on the compensatory measures to be taken and is subject to the standard rules applying to all teacher-training colleges and universities in Switzerland: Normally, there is a cost of CHF 450 per ECTS credit to be obtained in the context of compensatory measures. Therefore, any subject to be studied in the context of compensatory measures which requires 6 to 8 ECTS credits for successful completion will incur a total expenditure of CHF 2,700 to CHF 3,600. In some cases, flat rates apply. For example, if the level of basic training is insufficient, a set rate of CHF 4,500 for compensatory measures has been defined.
Teacher-training institutes may charge a fee of CHF 400 for assessing the need for and type of any compensatory measures. As a rule, this amount is included in the total cost of the compensatory measures (provided the compensatory measures are carried out at the institute which made the assessment).


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