Mobility for PHTG staff (OUT)

Mobility for PHTG staff

PHTG promotes mobility for both its academic and non-academic staff. It encourages its staff to expand their technical, professional, intercultural and linguistic skills by taking part in an exchange programme and to integrate this in their daily work. For this purpose, PHTG gives allowances for adequate work or training periods. The only requirement for the mobility of its staff is a bilateral agreement between PHTG and the partner university or college.

Partner universities and colleges

Staff interested in an exchange are required to begin planning their potential stay at least three months prior to embarking on their trip, in order to be able to determine the exact time, duration, form and content of their stay in due time.

Application deadlines

15 May for the following autumn semester
15 December for the following spring semester

Mr Marcus Schmidt of the International Office can be contacted for any questions.


International Office
Marcus Schmidt
+41 (0)71 678 56 29



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