Mobility for visiting staff (IN)

Visiting staff mobility

Well-qualified and motivated lecturers and university staff from our partner universities and colleges are highly welcome on an exchange at PHTG. The only requirement for such an exchange is a bilateral agreement between PHTG and the partner university or college.

Partner universities and colleges

Candidates for an exchange at PHTG are requested to send a short CV and a description of their work, teaching or research area to the International Office. In order for an invitation to be issued, the relevant department at PHTG must have a clear interest in the subject area offered or the training requested by the visiting lecturer or member of staff.

Visiting staff interested in an exchange are required to begin planning their potential stay at least three months prior to embarking on their trip, in order to be able to determine and agree on the exact time, duration, form and content of their stay in due time.

Staff mobility in Europe – Swiss-European Mobility Programme SEMP (previously Erasmus)

Since 2014, Switzerland is only indirectly involved in Erasmus+. It has therefore created an interim solution, the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). This way, PHTG is still able to provide funds to a limited number of lecturers and staff from its European partner universities or colleges for an exchange at PHTG each year.

Currently, incoming staff receive a grant of 170CHF/day and will be reimbursed for their actual travel expenses.

Application deadlines

1 August for the following autumn semester
1 December for the following spring semester


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