Accommodation for exchange students


Visiting students can usually rent one of the well looked-after and fully furnished rooms in a student flat during the period they study at PHTG. The rental costs are CHF 456.30/month (plus CHF 400.- deposit) for a stay of one semester and CHF 440.-/month for a stay of two semesters. Reason for the differentiated rents is the residential tax of 3.7%, which must be paid for a stay of less than two semesters.

Several centrally located student flats

The apartments are located close to the Campus.

  • 3-4 single rooms
  • big balcony
  • shared bathroom
  • shared kitchen
  • WLAN
  • washing machine in the building

The rooms and kitchen are fully furnished (including towels and bed linens).

A PHTG service: Bicycles for exchange students

Kreuzlingen and Constance are very close. There are no long distances to cover and most areas can be reached by bicycle.

PHTG has a number of bicycles that visiting students can use (deposit: CHF 200).