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The striking, modern buildings of PHTG are flooded with direct daylight. They have been built on the Education Campus in Kreuzlingen and are surrounded by school buildings, sports facilities and parks. The city centre, harbour train station and lakeshore can be reached within minutes on foot. Our partner university in Constance is visible across the lake, close to the shore.

Living in the Kreuzlingen/Constance area

Kreuzlingen, a city of approximately 20,000 inhabitants, lies in the Canton of Thurgovia, at the North-Eastern corner of Switzerland and in the immediate vicinity of the German border. Constance with its university is almost on the doorstep, and Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, can be reached in an hour by car or train. Due to its central and beautiful location by the Lake of Constance (Central Europe's third-largest lake), Kreuzlingen is an attractive city.

Together with Constance, the region offers a variety of shopping and nightlife opportunities and access to leisure activities, education, culture and sports. The elegant parks along the lakeshore in Kreuzlingen or Constance's picturesque old town invite visitors to stroll and linger. The urban hinterland is also worth mentioning and offers well-built cycle paths - which makes cycling an ideal way to explore the region. Both cities feature public baths by the lake and excellent clean water, which makes for much water sports, swimming, or simply dipping one's feet in the water.

Kreuzlingen has many attractive residential areas and, for Swiss standards, affordable rental fees. The campus, the lakeshore and all shopping and nightlife opportunities can easily be reached by bicycle or public transport.

Switzerland at a glance

Switzerland lies at the heart of the European Alps and borders on Italy in the South, on Austria and Liechtenstein in the East, on Germany in the North and on France in the West. It is divided into 26 regions or cantons and, since its constitution in 1848, Berne is both its capital and the place of its government. The Swiss currency is the Swiss franc (CHF).

Due to its central location, Switzerland is home to many different cultures. At the same time, it is a communication and transport axis between Northern and Southern Europe. Switzerland has four official languages and its inhabitants speak a multitude of dialects. The majority of Swiss people live in the Swiss-German speaking part of the country. Apart from the official German language, this region is home to a wealth of Swiss-German dialects.

Switzerland lies in a temperate climate zone. In July and August, its average temperatures range between 18°C and 28°C in the midland, and in winter (December - February), they range between -2°C and +7°C.


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