Why studying on an exchange at PHTG is a great choice

Thurgau University of Teacher Education (Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau/PHTG) offers practical training and further education based on scientific research for teachers of all primary and secondary levels (I and II), as well as early childhood expert degree courses.
At present, more than 700 teachers-to-be and students of the Early Childhood Master's degree are registered at PHTG. Moreover, there are over 4,000 registrations for continuing training courses every year. This translates into approximately 13,000 training days attended by teachers from all over Switzerland and abroad. A total of around 100 lecturers are assigned to the teacher trainees and the continuing education courses.
PHTG opened its doors in 2003 - as the first university-level institute in the Canton of Thurgau. It unites the entire teacher training faculty under its roof, a tradition that is nearly 180 years old in Thurgau.


Studies without boundaries - PHTG's partnership with the University of Constance
Studies without boundaries - not a problem at PHTG. PHTG is Switzerland's only university that has partnered up closely with a top-class university in the EU - a cooperation made easy due to the immediate vicinity of the German city of Constance. For their subject-specific modules, secondary school level I students can attend the broad range of lectures and events of the University of Constance. Secondary school level II students can do their course with an Euregio profile, and the Early Childhood Masters degree is completed with a double degree from both universities.

Combined / Double professorships
PHTG has concluded agreements on its collaboration in training teachers at the University of Constance with the Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sports of Baden-Württemberg. PHTG is represented in the Board of Directors and in the Advisory Board of the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Constance. There are two cross-border combined/double professorships at the University of Constance. The combined/double professorship for Educational Sciences and Empiric Educational Research is held by Prof. Dr. Thomas Götz, while the combined/double professorship for Development and Education in Early Childhood is held by Prof. Dr. Sonja Perren.

Further information can be found under "Combined/Double professorships"

Lake Constance Association of Universities (Internationale Bodenseehochschule IBH)
PHTG is a member of the Lake Constance Association of Universities (IBH), an association of 30 colleges and universities in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland.

Due to PHTG's cooperation with the IBH, its students benefit from services offered at the other member institutes; its lecturers and researchers can exchange ideas and compare notes with many other colleagues and receive support in research and development projects; its active teachers have access to IBH Masters courses in school development; and the visiting students are offered language courses and other events.

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