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Course guide

PHTG's course guide provides an overview of the different modules and contains detailed information on the content and on the prerequisites for the individual modules. Upon requirement, the study programme may be complemented by individual courses at the University of Constance.

Courses in English

In general, courses are taught in German. However, some courses are offered in English, and visiting exchange students can gain up to 30 ECTS-credits by attending these courses (predominantly during the spring semester).

German language courses

Visiting students who already speak German but would like to improve their language skills during their exchange can do so before starting their semester in autumn by attending 1-2 intensive courses at the University of Constance (courses start in August and/or September every year). Moreover, during the semester, students can attend a maximum of two language courses at the Language Institute of the University of Constance. The only requirement for these is that they are compatible with the course schedule at PHTG.

Students with no knowledge of German who would like to study at PHTG are required to take part in a German beginner's course run by PHTG during the spring semester. For the autumn semester, the University of Constance offers intensive courses in August and September.

PHTG's International Office can provide students with further information and a description of the courses mentioned above.


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